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Rotary Cutter / “TDT” Tape Delivery Table

2 – Stream Rotary Cutter

The SI 2 - Stream Rotary Cutter is designed for receiving 2 – streams of inline folded products side-by-side for producing up to 5 – around products out each with chip removal as required for producing inline finished products for direct-mail and other commercial applications. The unit is independently servo driven with the servo motor, software and controls provided by SI.

Standard basic features include:

  • (2) stream capability
  • Entrance fold hold roller assembly
  • Driven textured entrance draw rolls with upper and lower nip wheels
  • Helical gear drive train with anti-backlash gear for cut accuracy
  • Knife location arm with replaceable locator tips and safety interlock
  • Hard chrome plated 2-around anvil cylinder super finished for long lasting cutting surface life
  • (15) gallon temperature controlled forced oil lubrication system to the main bearings for thermal stabilization
  • Computer controlled push button “on-the-run” knife adjustment
  • Push through pin capability in the anvil cylinder with pin support rods for heavy chips

Additional standard features include:

  • Swivel mount information display panel with readouts
  • “On-Demand” product length change using the Knife Positioning Program (KPP)
  • 5 - around capability with .25” minimum chip for full web
  • Non-contact air chip removal system with vacuum hood
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Manual machine side lay +/- 1” adjustment

Options available include:

  • Web width capability
  • Alternate stream capability
  • Cassette cylinder section for multi-cutoff capability
  • Dedicated cover production components including 20” wide standard knife blocks and spacers

“TDT” Tape Delivery Table

The SI “TDT” Tape Delivery Table is designed for use with inline, offline and cover production applications. The unit is independently servo driven with the servo motor, software and controls provided by SI.

The system significantly improves your finishing operation by eliminating jam-ups and unscheduled stops often associated with other delivery systems which results in less spoilage, increased overall running speeds and shorter on-press production times.

Standard basic features include:

  • First stage fast tape section for product gap spacing
  • Common side-lay of upper and lower fast tapes
  • Two stage wide belt slow down tables
  • Head stop wheels for control of shingled products
  • “On-the-fly” manual second stage height adjustment
  • Power assist roll back

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